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About this organization

Founded in 2004, Brilliant Corners provides innovative housing and housing-related services to California’s most vulnerable individuals, with an emphasis on those transitioning from, or at risk of, homelessness or institutionalization. We develop, own and manage multi-family supportive housing and licensed residential care homes, and implement a broad array of scattered-site, one-on-one supportive housing, and clinical case management programs through partnerships with developmental services, homeless services, veterans’ services, and health care sectors.

About this job

The Chief Strategic Partnerships Officer (CSPO) works closely with the Chief Executive Officer and other members of the Executive and Leadership Teams and leads Brilliant Corners’ (BC) partnership strategy and relationship-building work across the government, philanthropic and private sectors. The CSPO helps design and implement BC’s regional, state and national partnership strategy and fundraising as the organization scales impact and advocates for values-driven policies and practical administrative reforms at the system level. The CSPO is responsible for sustaining and expanding BC’s key funder, government, philanthropic, intermediary and community partnerships, informing partners of BC’s strategic goals and value propositions across multiple housing and social service sectors, wherever housing and services come together.

Roles & responsibilities

  • Creating a virtuous circle where community impact generates the policy changes and investments that lead to sustained results.
  • Guiding BC’s community relations strategy at the federal, state, regional and local levels.
  • Serving as the lead voice for policies, funding, programs, and cross-sector, system-level reforms we believe are necessary to achieve housing stability and housing justice for all Californians.
  • Advocating for resources, nonprofit organizations, and the nonprofit workforce's needs for sustained results.
  • Identifying and developing funding sources for new initiatives to support the organization's capacity, scaling within existing partnerships, expansion to serve new communities, and aligning fund development with the organization’s financial sustainability goals
  • Facilitating philanthropic support for collaborative, multi-agency, public-private partnerships that enhance system-level responses to the housing and homelessness crises for vulnerable Californians.


  • Experienced in intermediary-focused fund development
  • Professionally grounded in policy and advocacy
  • Passionate and skilled in developing and maintaining strategic partnerships
  • Committed to ending homelessness by centering racial equity & justice

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