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Public voting in the the 2020 My LA2050 Grants Challenge has been postponed until Monday, July 13, 2020.

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A Space to Make Social Impact at Second Home Hollywood

Posted February 25, 2020 by

One of the best things about the My LA2050 Grants Challenge is seeing the great ideas you submit about making Los Angeles the best place to live, learn, connect, create, and play. This year, these ideas will get even more support thanks to some incredible partners including the Annenberg Foundation, the Snap Foundation, and Second Home Hollywood. Our partners are contributing both financial and in-kind support, expanding your ability to affect change in Los Angeles.

One of the things that can help an organization succeed is access to space - for meetings, for staff, or for events. Our partner, Second Home Hollywood, is making space, beautiful space, available for select organizations. Once finalists are announced, Second Home Hollywood, will award $60,000 in donated space for co-working, meeting, and events to select organizations.

alternate textYou know what's better than a plain old office view? Plants and hummingbirds at your window at Second Home Hollywood

Second Home is a co-working space that embraces biophilic design principles (that means they like plants). They've created the densest urban forest in Los Angeles, housing more than 6,500 trees and plants on-site, and they were recently featured in Curbed. Second Home also houses the Goldhirsh Foundation team! We recently took the leap and moved into Second Home's office space, and we look forward to having LA2050 applicants and innovators join us here.

So whether your team needs a place for a staff retreat or board meeting, a space for your employees to work, or a fabulous place for a large event, support from Second Home Hollywood might be just the thing you need to make your project successful. If you think your work could be enhanced with some access to office, event, or meeting space, make sure to indicate it on your application (question 15)!

We can't wait to see what you come up with! For more info on Second Home Hollywood, head to their website.

​A 5-Step Guide to Applying for My LA2050

Posted February 13, 2020 by Team LA2050

Thinking of applying to the My LA2050 Grants Challenge? We asked five past winners for their top tips on submitting a winning proposal.

1. Develop your proposal with a specific project in mind.

Start by looking for a project that supports and amplify your organization's current work.

When developing your proposal, 2019 grantee Rise advises that not only should the project convey a clear vision, it should also be “squarely within your capacity and mission as an organization.” An important factor on the Grants Challenge Scorecard considers how clearly your proposal defines the outcomes for your project and how thoroughly you would measure its success. Make sure you propose goals that you can trust your team to execute.

2. Focus on a project that you believe will have the most impact on the greater Los Angeles community.

The next step is to align your project impact with LA2050 goals and metrics.

Making the most impact doesn't mean that you have to be a large organization or work with a huge budget. Instead, think about innovative ways to expand on what you already have to address the problem you're already passionate about solving.

For example, when CASA of Los Angeles first applied, they took the opportunity to introduce Los Angeles to their volunteer program, posing the question – “what does it mean to help children in foster care?” Since then, the organization has grown its community and most recently won the 2019 Grants Challenge by proposing a new type of volunteer program that builds on their previous proposals.

3. Collaborate from the get-go!

Collaborate with outside partners and remember internal collaborations as well, especially if you have multiple departments that would execute your project.

According to 2019 grantee Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, “creating a truly impactful proposal requires so much collaboration and input.” Don't wait till the deadline draws near to start these important conversations.

4. Use videos to your advantage.

While creating a video for your organization can seem intimidating, it is often a great way to introduce others to yourself and your work.

2018 grantee Miry's List proved with their proposal that effective storytelling doesn't require a professionally-produced video. Their video was shot entirely on a cellphone, but was powerful because it was genuine and explained why their organization was well-positioned to connect Angelenos and refugees new to Los Angeles with each other.

5. Don't be afraid to get your community on board.

My LA2050 has included a public vote since 2013 because we recognize that it can benefit organizations applying to the Grants Challenge – from reaching new audiences through the My LA2050 Ideas Archive to establishing better relationships with existing supporters.

In anticipation of the voting period, 2019 grantee Defy Ventures encourages organizations to plan ahead on reaching out to supporters. Treat this process as a chance to rally supporters around your cause, raise awareness of your work, and gather valuable feedback on the project you're proposing.

$1,000,000 to make LA the best place to learn, create, connect, play, and live

Posted January 30, 2020 by Team LA2050

On February 3rd, LA2050 will launch its seventh My LA2050 Grants Challenge, a $1,000,000 competition to support proposals that will make LA the best place to learn, create, live, connect, and play. LA2050 is a community-guided initiative driving and tracking progress toward a shared vision for the future of Los Angeles.

The challenge aims to tap into the creativity and innovation of organizations across Los Angeles County to inspire a better future for the region. LA2050 is inviting organizations including non-profit groups, for-profit businesses, and government agencies to apply for grant funding to carry out their proposal to build a better LA.

In addition to $1,000,000 in grant funding provided by the Goldhirsh Foundation, additional funds will be awarded by the Annenberg Foundation to support organizations' diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts and by the Snap Foundationto support projects that develop pathways to the creative economy. Co-working space Second Home Hollywood will also offer free office, meeting, and event space to help winning organizations accomplish their goals.

Those interested in participating in the challenge should visit challenge.la2050.org for contest rules, eligibility guidelines, and submission instructions. The submission deadline is March 27th, 2020 at 5:00 pm Pacific Time.

You can follow LA2050 at facebook.com/LA2050, twitter.com/LA2050, and on Instagram @LA2050, and connect with the challenge on Twitter using #MyLA2050GrantsChallenge

Changes to the 2020 My LA2050 Grants Challenge

Posted January 30, 2020 by Team LA2050

It's time again for the My LA2050 Grants Challenge and we've made a few changes for 2020 that we're happy to share with you:

  • More time to work on your application. This year the application will be open for eight weeks (February 3 - March 27). We hope this extra time will give you more time to find collaborators, partners, and big ideas.
  • Winners will be selected via a two-step process. First, 25 finalists will be selected by our external evaluation committee. Those 25 finalists will then move on to public vote, which will determine final award levels.
  • We've selected Social Venture Partners Los Angeles to serve as our external evaluation partner. All proposals will be reviewed, scored, and evaluated by members of SVP Los Angeles.
  • Each of the 25 finalist organizations that participate in voting will receive a grant. First place in each goal category will receive $100,000, second: $50,000, third: $25,000, fourth: $15,000, and fifth: $10,000. That means there will be five $100,000 winners, five $50,000 winners, and so on.
  • More support for your project! In addition to $1,000,000 in grant funding provided by the Goldhirsh Foundation, additional funds will be awarded by the Annenberg Foundation to support organizations' diversity and equity efforts, and co-working space Second Home Hollywood will offer free office, meeting, and event space to help select winning organizations accomplish their goals.
  • We recently refreshed our LA2050 goals and metrics to ensure we're keeping up with the most pressing issues in our region.

Report on the 2019 My LA2050 Grants Challenge

Posted October 14, 2019 by Team LA2050

This report highlights the trends we observed in the 2019 My LA2050 grants challenge and looks at how local leaders, nonprofits, volunteers, government entities, and businesses are working together to make Los Angeles a better place for all. (For a pdf version, click here).

​Five Trends From the 2018 My LA2050 Grants Challenge

Posted October 9, 2019 by Tara Roth

Every year, the Goldhirsh Foundation operates the My LA2050 Grants Challenge in which we solicit proposals from nonprofit, for-profit, and government organizations for projects that will better our region. Through the My LA2050 Grants Challenge, Angelenos help us determine how to grant $1,000,000 in Los Angeles. After each grants challenge, we identify and examine trends from the submissions. We will be releasing the trends from the 2019 challenge soon, so I wanted to look back at five trends that emerged from last year's submissions:

“On-Ramps” for Women

2018 was dubbed “The Year of the Woman” and brought a surge in women's engagement in politics, business, and civic life. Applicants reflected this trend through the many proposals focused on providing “on-ramps” for women in key industries like politics, finance, and the arts.

Civic Engagement and Voting

Angelenos were craving greater involvement in the political process. We saw several proposals aimed at fostering civic engagement, from involvement in local politics to increased voter turnout.


We saw a number of proposals related to homelessness, ranging from service provision to high-level policy and advocacy work. Organizations across LA County were harnessing the momentum of legislation like Measure H and Prop HHH by advocating for more affordable housing, while also informing Angelenos about the realities of homelessness, the fragility of local housing, and the benefits of being a YIMBY (not a NIMBY).

Creative Workforce Preparation

While science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) workforce preparation has been popular for a number of years, in 2018 we saw proposals that merged STEM with the arts and creative industries. Some of our favorite examples of these projects were preparing youth for a workforce where the line between innovation and art has already become less clear.

Small Business and Entrepreneurs

Small businesses are the backbone of LA's economy, and entrepreneurs demonstrate the abundance of Angelenos' creativity. Many of last year's proposals recognized the need to invest more in our makers and workers so that the city's economic spirit can flourish.

You can read more about the trends from the 2018 grants challenge here.

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