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LA:RISE, the Los Angeles Regional Initiative for Social Enterprise, is a multi-partner collaborative creating an employment pathway for multi-barriered populations from unemployment to transitional subsidized employment in a social enterprise, to competitive employment. To date, a combination of Federal Workforce Innovation dollars, Local LA City General Fund dollars, and Measure H funding, has invested $15M into the LA:RISE partnership collaborative. By uniting the city’s Workforce Development System (WDS) with non-profit social enterprises and for-profit employers, LA:RISE has stimulated job acquisition and retention for over 700 individuals to date and is on track to serve an additional 700 by June 2018.

Designed to help people with employment barriers find long-term work, LA:RISE takes an integrated, wrap-around approach to job creation. Participants receive a steady paycheck along with the counseling, support, and training they need to succeed. LA:RISE utilizes the following innovative elements:

  • Social Enterprise evaluates participants through standard Job Readiness Assessment to ensure consistent and quality referrals to employers
  • Coordinated tracking is provided through, the City of LA’s online job placement system for coordinated case management and efficient service delivery
  • An employer placement portal matches open positions to eligible participants
  • Resources are leveraged through Social Enterprise and Worksource co-location and co-case management
  • All participants are enrolled in the WIOA system to increase placement and retention outcomes while providing additional resources and services

LA:RISE expanded into new geographies as of July 2017. This expansion allowed new social enterprises to join the LA:RISE collaborative. Some of these social enterprises were smaller, newer, and less established than the previous cohort of social enterprises. Back in November 2016, REDF conducted a workshop to understand some of the limiting factors in Social Enterprise Capacity. Business development was identified as a critical gap. Business development and sales growth is one of the most critical factors for success of a social enterprise. However, having dedicated sales staff to work on business development is rare for social enterprises, and often the existing staff is stretched too thin just maintaining operations to devote enough time to increasing revenue. REDF is interested in exploring whether hiring a contract business developer for a short period of time can help social enterprises build longer term sustainability.

A contract business developer would generate leads, follow up on sales activity, and help bring in the right social enterprise staff to close the deal. The goal would be to develop the relationships that lead to the large contracts that can push a social enterprise from struggling to break even and beyond. The Business Development Consultant would work on behalf of several social enterprises across multiple industries.

REDF will be supplementing with philanthropic funding to cover this grant award initially. However, this grant will be supplemented through LA City General Fund dollars and as such is subject to Subcontractor guidelines and procurement process.

Select LA:RISE Social Enterprise partners

  • Names released upon signing an NDA


  • Increase Social Enterprise sales revenue resulting from business development activities


  • Meet with Social Enterprise Directors identified by REDF to understand current business development strategy, gaps, and current challenges
  • Analyze current activities, current customers, potential prospects, and the competition to identify a business development strategy moving forward for targeted social enterprises.
  • Develop initial list of potential partners and sales targets
  • Reach out to potential prospects and schedule initial meetings
  • Hold introductory meetings
  • Follow-up communications after meetings
  • Work with Social Enterprise Directors as needed to coordinate sales meetings
  • Follow-up business development meetings
  • Increase meetings with potential prospects by increasing outreach activities.
  • Work with the current team to identify best practices and additional activities that result in a strong business development program.
  • Monthly check-ins with REDF initiatives manager
  • Consolidate lessons learned and findings on outsourced business development for REDF

Timeline: Project will be broken up into two phases. Phase two funding is contingent on meeting phase one outcomes. Due to diversity of business lines, Consultant is to focus on 1-2 social enterprises at a time. Progress will be evaluated at midpoint review Jan 2018 to determine continuation of contract.

Phase One: October 2017-January 2018

  • Business Development analysis for 2 Social Enterprises
  • Business Development strategy for 2 Social Enterprises
  • Set up pitch meetings
  • Generate Leads
  • Secure initial bids
  • Midpoint review to REDF

Phase Two: February 2018-June 2018

  • Secure Bids, generate sales, and wrap up initial 2 Social Enterprises
  • Business Development analysis for 2 Social Enterprises
  • Business Development strategy for 2 Social Enterprises
    • Set up pitch meetings
    • Generate Leads
    • Secure initial bids
  • Final report to REDF

Desired outcomes:

  • Increase the list of potential prospects for Social Enterprises
  • Increase the number of pitch meetings
  • Gather data on what potential customers represent the best opportunities for each organization.
  • Recommendations for improved sales prospecting, outreach, and follow-up processes.
  • Learn best practices for contract business developers for social enterprises

Deliverables: Meet SE specific objectives in the following areas

  • Generate # leads, meetings
  • Intermediate: increase SE bids and contracts by %
  • Long term: increase SE sales revenue by %


  • 3-5 years of experience in business development/ sales
  • Previous experience in business development role for social enterprise preferred


  • Budget through Phase One (Jan 2018): $39,000
  • Budget through Phase Two (June 2018): $50,000

Total Budget: $89,000


To apply

Submit proposals to Ashley Cordero, Initiatives Manager at [email protected]. Proposals shall include description of (1) project approach and workplan, (2) staffing recommendations, (3) hourly rate and sample budget and (4) 2 examples of similar projects, including one reference contact. The project period is anticipated to be October, 2017 to June, 2018. Proposals are due no later than 5pm PST on Friday September 22nd, 2017.