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Data Scientist, Insights Team, Mayor's Office of Budget and Innovation

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Los Angeles


The City of Los Angeles is hiring a Data Scientist to work within the Mayor’s Office of Budget and Innovation on the Insights Team. The Data Scientist will work on key issues of high importance to the Mayor and City. Examples of these issues include policing, homelessness, and equity. The Data Scientist will be an integral member of the Mayor’s Office Insights Team with high-level exposure to City government leadership, departments, and stakeholders. The Data Scientist will work closely with a Senior Data Scientist as well as members of the Mayor’s Innovation, Performance and Transformation Office.

The Insights Team leverages data-driven research and works closely with internal and external City partners to tackle cities’ biggest, most pressing challenges. The Data Scientist will focus on using data to generate thoughtful, useful, outcomes oriented insights that City leaders can leverage to address these challenges. The role is highly collaborative and, along with the Senior Data Scientist, is expected to support City leaders in making decisions and driving positive change.


The past few years have shown that cities’ use of data is essential to effective service delivery; world-class data scientists have joined local governments to help improve outcomes in key civic areas such as public safety, health, and education.

The Los Angeles Mayor’s Office of Budget and Innovation is recruiting a Data Scientist will drive the usage of data address the critical challenges the team will address. Responsibilities for the this role will range from gathering and understanding data to better understand the key problem to developing sophisticated analysis and models to determine a solution; additionally, given the city’s commitment to data-driven decision-making, there will be an ongoing need to assess impact and be continually responsive to needs-on-the-ground.

Beyond the core role on the i-team, the Data Scientist will have the opportunity to set a new standard for the way in which the City of Los Angeles, and other cities around the county, use serious data science to measure, assess, and improve service delivery to the public.

The Data Scientist will have three main roles:

  • Drive the development of data science and research analysis projects to glean insight into pressing local issues and policy areas and help leaders formulate thoughtful solutions.
  • Work hand-in-hand with department leadership to understand the data that they have to be leveraged for improving outcomes.
  • Be an integral member of a data and policy team, providing the expertise to support data-driven decisions and policy in government.

Responsibilities for the position include, but are not limited to:

  • Participating in the development of the vision for data / analytics tools, architecture and workflow across the government.
  • Creating, modeling, and implementing new data architecture and analytics solutions.
  • Identifying delivery obstacles to improve transactional performance within departments and working with them to overcome those obstacles; leading efforts to develop scalable, innovative approaches to extracting, managing and analyzing data from users.
  • Establishing data policies, standards, organization and enforcement of data governance.
  • Presenting ideas and solutions in external conferences, speaking engagements, and whitepapers.


The ideal candidate possesses a passion for making meaningful, sustainable change in Los Angeles and is ready to work in a high-energy, openly collaborative work environment.

The Data Scientist will need to simultaneously balance adherence to an innovation process and protocol that is critical to delivery, and also think creatively and asymmetrically and bring abstract concepts to practical implementation in a time constrained environment. Additionally, the Analyst brings a strong desire and interest in important topics like policing, homelessness, poverty reduction, equity and/or neighborhood revitalization strategies. The candidate must also demonstrate the following:


  • Passion for public service and making a difference in the lives of city residents.
  • Track record of delivering results in a high-pressure environment with multiple work streams.
  • Ability to create comprehensive plans that identify all tasks, resources and deliverables required to achieve the desired results.
  • Experience in data analysis including both detailed data manipulation and interpretation of broader implications (experience with data visualization is a plus).
  • Problem solving skills with an ability to anticipate problems and develop solutions on deadline.
  • Understanding of the mechanics of city government and familiarity and knowledge of public sector innovation (experience with open innovation techniques is a plus).
  • Ability to thoughtfully communicate with and respectfully engage diverse stakeholders around a shared vision for achieving results.
  • Ability to address all ends of the project spectrum from research to creation and planning for a project to project delivery to target and metric measurement.
  • Expertise with core tools
  • Expertise with visualization tools like Tableau are preferred.
  • Technical experience in terms of building prototype applications is also preferred.

Personal Skills/ Attributes:

  • Energetic self-starter who inspires others to their best work
  • Problem-solver and change agent
  • Highly ethical; likable and trustworthy
  • Articulate and an excellent communicator
  • Innovative and flexible
  • Experienced in dealing with senior government officials and business people
  • Able to bring together public, private and nonprofit organizations
  • Articulate and an excellent, proactive communicator
  • Innovative and flexible
  • Attention to detail and excellence
  • Experienced in dealing with senior government officials and business people
  • Able to bring together public, private, and nonprofit organizations
  • Collaborative and team focused
  • Appropriately patient and impatient
  • Ability to tell stories through data
  • Ability to navigate an ambiguous environment with excitement and enthusiasm
  • Excitement for solving problems as they are assigned to the team, as opposed to a desire to focus on one problem over long lengths of time


Undergraduate degree required, advanced degree preferred, ideally in computer science, statistics, math or data science.


3 writing samples will be requested for finalists

1 case study will be requested for finalists


Salary will be commensurate with experience, along with additional benefits.


August 2017

To apply

Qualified candidates should email a cover letter and resume by July 21st:

Director, Innovation Team

Office of LA Mayor Eric Garcetti

[email protected]

This is an exempt, at-will position. The individual appointed to this position will not accrue any civil service tenure, contractual employment rights, or due process rights. The incumbent may be removed, without any finding of cause, by the hiring authority. Position expected to continue through the anticipated conclusion of the Bloomberg Grant on December 31, 2017, unless otherwise agreed.