GrowGood Culinary Instructor

Employment type
Full Time
21 days ago
Los Angeles

Job Posting: ​GrowGood Culinary Instructor
Hours: ​Monday – Friday, 12PM to 8PM
Wages: ​$23-25 per hour
Qualifications: ​5 years of relevant culinary experience & previous garden/farm experience is preferred.

About GrowGood:
Established in 2011, GrowGood (“GG”) is a non-profit organization that operates a 1.5-acre no-till, regenerative urban farm adjacent to The Salvation Army’s Bell Shelter in Bell, CA. Funded by major foundations including the Roy & Patricia Disney Family Foundation, The Taper Foundation, REDF, and the Weingart Foundation, as well as many private donors, GG has been recognized as one of L.A.’s most promising and innovative organizations affecting social change.

The Bell Shelter is one of the largest homeless shelters in the United States operating a comprehensive program that offers transitional care and housing for up to 500 homeless men and women, many of whom are veterans. The purpose of GG’s farm is to provide the Shelter's kitchen with substantial quantities of fresh produce as well as therapeutic and job training opportunities for the Shelter’s clients. Presently, GG seeks a talented culinary instructor to manage and teach a culinary training program for veterans at living at the Shelter. This program is unique and will serve as a pilot for expanding the program to other locations across California and the nation through GG’s partnership with The Salvation Army. The Culinary Instructor position requires a passionate and entrepreneurial individual with great interpersonal skills and a love for food.

About Culinary Training Program:
Be a part of building a farm-to-table culinary program from the ground up. Our team will be starting a culinary program in collaboration with the Salvation Army Bell Shelter to provide culinary education, workplace training, and job placement specifically for homeless veterans living at the Shelter. GG’s’1.5 acre urban farm and orchard will give students a complete seed to table view of food and cooking.

The goal of the program is to provide a crash course in the skills necessary to succeed in the kitchen, place the students in jobs that fit their skill level and interests, and most of all create culinary professionals. After culinary instruction students will move on to an internship and be supported through a job placement plan.

The classes will be held in the Salvation Army Bell Shelter’s kitchen adjacent to GG’s urban farm. The kitchen portion of the program will utilize produce grown at GG’s farm in meals served to shelter residents.

The Team​:
GrowGood’s staff is a remarkable collection of people whose skills range far beyond farming to include deep experience working with homeless people, high-end restaurant cooking, management and other skills. The Culinary Instructor will work as part of this team with the Culinary Program Manager, GG’s Life Skills Instructor, and GG’s Executive Director. We believe this structure is essential to ensure each leadership role is supported and the program achieves its goals.

Personal and Professional Growth​:
We will work closely with you to draft a set of specific personal and professional goals and a timeline of action items so that you grow through your work within the community. We will work to help you maintain a healthy balance between personal and professional life.

Position Description​:
The Culinary Instructor position will be responsible for implementing and managing the classroom and kitchen culinary curriculum, evaluating students’ progress and providing feedback, and working alongside the Program Manager and Life Skills instructor to implement personalized strategies for each student’s success. This is a position for someone who is looking to grow personally and professionally, work collaboratively with a team, and make an impact in the community.

Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Along with the Program Manager and Life Skills instructor interview prospective students, conduct working interviews, and assist in recruitment
  • Along with the Program Manager and Life Skills Instructor assist in internship and job placement
  • Along with the Program Manager and Life Skills Instructor enforce attendance, professionalism, uniform and hygiene, and personal conduct policies established in the curriculum and program guidelines
  • Along with the Program Manager ensure operating costs are within the proposed budget
  • Along with Program Manager facilitate guest instructor classes and other enrichment activities
  • Along with Program Manager, Salvation Army Chef, and Farm Manager create menu and plan lessons based on food availability and need of the kitchen
  • Along with the Program Manager and Life Skills Instructor asses the learning goals of each lesson and further refine the curriculum
  • Plan, prep, and teach for daily lessons based on agreed upon curriculum and in accordance with professional standards and philosophy of GrowGood
  • Create additional study materials or curriculum additions necessary to facilitate instruction
  • Provide regular and constructive feedback to students in a compassionate, consistent, and timely manner
  • Evaluate and document student performance evaluations using established methods, rubrics, and criteria
  • Document and report each student's abilities to comprehend, perform, and retain practical techniques
  • Instruct students on proper sanitation, cleanliness, and food safety in the kitchen in accordance with ServSafe guidelines and rules of the kitchen.
  • Instruct students on proper care and maintenance of the kitchen, classroom, and tools used by the program
  • Instruct students on proper safety in the kitchen and workplace
  • Create a safe, hands-on learning environment where students are encouraged to ask questions, show respect for each other, and learn the skills necessary to excel in the culinary field
  • Individually advise students who need career guidance and support them through professional opportunities
  • Work one on one with students to ensure comprehension of lessons and comfortableness with technique
  • Manage food costs and inventory in accordance with proposed budget
  • Oversee ordering, setup, and cleanup of classroom for daily lessons and guest chef presentations
  • Along with the Program Manager and Executive Director create a professional development and enrichment plan for yourself and strive to accomplish its goals
  • Stay engaged in current developments and trends in the food and hospitality industry
  • Take part in professional development and networking opportunities
  • Support the mission and policies of GrowGood and the Salvation Army as well as those of the culinary program
  • Participate in and support special events including fundraisers, tabling at events, and cooking demonstrations or classes

Necessary Skills

  • At least 5 years of relevant culinary experience
  • At least 2 years of supervisory or instructing experience
  • High level of proficiency in hands-on culinary techniques
  • Passionate about working with homeless and veteran populations
  • Skill in instructing and managing diverse backgrounds and experiences
  • Comfortable managing groups in and out of the kitchen
  • Ability to work as part of a team, constructively resolve differences of opinion, and creatively solve problems
  • Ability to be responsible, compassionate, and conscientious
  • Ability to provide a positive learning environment and instill passion for the profession
  • Ability to demonstrate concern and sensitivity toward culinary trainees and their individual needs and learning styles
  • Ability to follow multiple projects and tasks through to completion with attention to detail
  • Ability to maintain a cheery disposition and composure under hectic circumstances
  • Ability to effectively identify and resolve problems and to maintain strict confidentiality related to sensitive information
  • Ability to analyze problems, identify solutions, and take appropriate action
  • Have strong organizational skills in daily tasks and long term planning
  • Takes initiative and ownership over tasks
  • ServSafe Certification or Food Handlers Card

Working Conditions

  • Must be able to lift 50 lbs
  • Must be able to stand for extended periods in typical kitchen
  • Must be able to perform hands on demonstration of culinary techniques, correct use of equipment, and proper food safety
To apply

Please email the Culinary Program Manager, Eric Tomassini, [email protected], a resume explaining why you are interested in this opportunity. We are willing to work with the right person to develop the skills necessary. If this is a position you feel passionately about but don’t meet the required skills we encourage you to apply and tell us about yourself and why you think you would still be the best candidate for the job.

We are looking to hire someone as soon as possible. Classes will start in mid-January.