Community Coalition

Executive Coordinator

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Full Time
about 1 month ago
Los Angeles

COMMUNITY COALITION MISSION STATEMENT: To help transform the social and economic conditions in South Los Angeles that foster addiction, crime, violence and poverty by building a permanent community institution that involves residents in creating, influencing and changing public policy.

SUMMARY STATEMENT: Community Coalition is a dynamic, progressive organization that values teamwork and mutual support. Employees have the privilege of working with management and staff members who are passionate, energetic and committed to social change. Leadership development is a core value of the organization and employees are encouraged to seek and participate in trainings and other learning opportunities to broaden their skills and knowledge base.  


Provide comprehensive and administrative support to Community Coalition’s Executive Management Team (President and CEO, Executive Vice President, Vice President of Organizational Development) to maximize their productivity. The Executive Coordinator will also support the executives on strategic priorities and time management plans in order to advance the agenda of Community Coalition as it moves into its next growth phase. The day-to-day responsibilities of the Executive Coordinator may include, but are not limited to, managing schedules and meetings, answering phones, responding to email, taking meeting minutes, and identifying and prioritizing items for attention. Additionally, the Executive Coordinator is responsible for building and maintaining good working relationships with other staff members, Board members, funders and partners.



  1. Provide administrative, organizational and scheduling structure and support for the President/CEO, Executive Vice President and Vice President.
  2. Maintain appointment schedules and calendars, provide reminders as appropriate, and coordinate travel arrangements.
  3. Coordinate and organize meetings for executive team members, including notification to prospective attendees, set-up/logistics, pre and post meeting correspondence, meeting minutes, records, and any required follow up. Core meetings include executive meetings, Board meetings and retreats, gala dinner, town halls, community events, alliances/coalitions, etc.
  4. Draft correspondence for the executives.
  5. Receive and screen communications to the supervisor including telephone calls, mail and e-mail messages, and provide assistance using independent judgment to determine those requiring priority attention.
  6. Staff executives as requested at external meetings by providing transportation, taking notes and tracking commitments for follow-through.
  7. Initiate and respond to written correspondence and verbal instruction, including composition, editing and distribution on behalf of executives.
  8. Create and maintain a system for organizing and storing both electronic and hard copy information and records, and implement record retention policies and procedures.
  9. Arrange for meals and carry out errands as requested.
  10. Perform special projects and other duties as assigned.
  11. Monthly Expense Report preparation and submission.



  1. Schedule and attend Executive Team weekly meetings to align calendars, discuss priorities, agree on division of labor and debrief next steps.
  2. Write policy briefs, and staff executives at meetings/events.
  3. Assist Executive team with organization work plans and Board deliverables.
  4. Prepare a variety of reports on key individuals, organizations, foundations, public policy and the like by conducting research, attending meetings to gather information, and writing first drafts.
  5. Review and summarize miscellaneous reports and documents, and prepare background documents as necessary.



  1. Act as liaison between executives and managers or the public and communicate issues and directives.
  2. Protect executives’ time/space in the office.
  3. Block 1 day every week for planning and execution of organizational priority work.



  1. Attend meetings with executives as needed.
  2. Discern note taking and follow-up with key individuals.
  3. Build personal relationships with Board members and assist in fundraising.



The role of Executive Coordinator is a critical in helping the executive team achieve higher levels of productivity, well being, and leadership for the organization. While administrative tasks are important to the role, and the execution of key duties is an integral part of the job, the Executive Coordinator is meant to protect the time and integrity of the Executive Team.

An effective candidate for this position will both understand the importance of the organization’s social justice work and the true need of the management team. This will take some time to build relationships, but it is also required that the team sees this person as a leader within the organization. Invaluable levels of trust and communication will be needed to not only be proactive, but to be protective.


Employer funded benefits to include: Medical, Dental, 401k, and FSA.




2-year degree

To apply

Please send resume & cover letter to [email protected]The subject should read “Executive Coordinator: First Name Last Name.”