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#EarthMonthLA: Make a commitment to protecting LA's environment!

Posted April 8, 2017 by

Happy Earth Month, LA!

With your help, we have developed some ambitious metrics to ensure that LA will be the healthiest place to live by the year 2050. And what better time than Earth Month to reflect on those?

And with that, we're challenging Angelenos to take an #EarthMonthLA pledge. Check out our ten resolutions and join the Earth Month pledge!

  1. #GoMetro at least once a week πŸš‹
  2. Heading to a destination within 1.5 miles? Walk if you're able! 🚢
  3. Test your water knowledge and take the #KnowtheFlow quiz πŸ’¦
  4. Go vegan once a week. Recipe ideas here or hit up one these LA hot spots! πŸ₯—
  5. Start a composting hub with some neighbors ♻️
  6. Go on a toxic tour ☒️
  7. Volunteer with Food Forward and help their food recovery program πŸ‹
  8. Calculate your your water footprint 🚰
  9. Plant a tree 🌳
  10. Calculate your solar savings potential with Project Sunroof β˜€οΈ

Ready to do the damn thing? Share your #EarthMonthLA pledge!